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14 September 2017

Relaxation tip by digital 'Urban Massage' service on occasion of the European Shiatsu Congress in Vienna

The digital marketplace (web, app) for booking massages 'Urban Massage' is available in various cities like London or Paris and since this year also in Vienna where the upcoming European Shiatsu Congress 2017 ('Shiatsu as Therapy' from 28 September - 1 October) will show trends in using the knowledge of shiatsu from Asian medicine for accompanying health therapies or simply for the relaxation of the body's muscles as preventive treatment against back pain for example. Shiatsu is a Japanese word and means finger pressure; the idea of opening energy channels is similar to acupuncture.

Carina Schubert, marketing manager at Urban Massage in Vienna (image below left), points out that shiatsu is a comfortable option for relaxation even in between work hours or during lunch break. There is nothing more necessary than a mat and casual clothing like a t-shirt. The therapist doesn't need oil for the treatments against back tension or stress for re-activating energies.

A closer description of shiatsu and the list of professionally educated therapists can be found at the website or app of the digital marketplace Urban Massage.

fig. from left: Portrait Carina Schubert, Marketing Manager Urban Massage Vienna. Photo: © George Kaulfersch. Screen of the Urban Massage smartphone app and insight into a shiatsu treatment session. Photos: © Urban Massage.

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