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4 April 2017

Fashionoffice skin care tip: ginger X multi-mineral leave-on mask

Marionnaud invited recently to a press conference for the presentation of new skin care, makeup and perfumes in Vienna. Some of the products are already available, others are so brand new (and almost treated like a secret) that only few and rare information can be found online - such as in the case of the 'SOS Roll-On Mask' by Kenzoki. The release date of the refreshing ginger X multi-mineral mask should be marked red in the calendar as the price is also nice. From 1 July for around 31.- Euros, the intense 50 ml formula of energizing zinc, copper, magnesium with toning ginger plant water will be available at The mask is practical as it can be left on the face; no rinse off necessary. The tube has an integrated metal massage roll-on (not on view at the image) for the application of the mask which is developed even for the usage at the eye zone. The new Kenzoki product is scented with the brand's signature composition which can be described as decent and mood brightening. The mask is effective immediately (SOS!) and makes the skin look and feel as if it had an extra boost of oxygen - just like after a day at the fresh air on the sunny beach.

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