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Austria Sight  by Karin Sawetz, publisher Fashionoffice (26 February 2013)

New strategies to achieve beauty through health

Some days ago, I wrote about fitness in Austria. In the article, I mentioned the examples sports-health and nutrition-environment.

This time, I will throw light on the holistic approach of medics of a care-beauty center and a nutrition-sports initiative which is extended with instruction videos and recipes via internet. Both, the care-beauty and nutrition-sports elements are significantly for current 'fitness' trends which are crossing the borders of classical disciplines.

The new medical center Juvenis in Vienna for example follows the holistic beauty concept with the formula 'health + posture + beauty = attractiveness'. The center offers quick-solving treatments such as Botox or facelifts as well as healthy beauty therapies which include nutrition, mental coaching, orthopedic prevention, etc. Clients can choose what's the best for them: treatments that have to be renewed several times in life or sustainable therapies which lead to a healthier (very probable even happier) lifestyle and make treatments like Botox or fillers needless. It's up to the clients to choose and combine what they want!

fig. from left: The founders of the Medical Center Vienna Juvenis, Dr. Sybille Wichlas and Prof. Dr. Tamara Kopp. Photo: (C) Stefanie Starz/

Prof. Dr. Tamara Kopp, co-founder of the medical care center Juvenis, knows that mental strength, inner peace
and vigorous, spirited walk have at least as much appeal as smoothed skin and thick lips. And her founding partner Dr. Sibylle Wichlas explains that skin folds are often signs for completely different problems which have to be diagnosed professionally.

The other example for fitness in Austria concerns nutrition and sports with the additional feature of instructions and recipes via web. The new initiative was started by the fermented milk drink label Yakult together with nutrition expert Dr. Claudia Nichterl and the Viennese Yoga Center 'Yogazentrum Wien/Mödling'. The recipes and videos (such as for the exercise 'Hero Posture', video below) are published on the Austrian website of Yakult. The idea behind is to achieve a fit body without missing delicious food.

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