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Three fragrances by Jimmy Choo, Agent Provocateur and Liu Jo, 7 February 2015

3 fragrances for 3 different kind of women: the stylish and lighthearted it-girl, the dangerously seductive femme fatale, the cool woman who prefers undemonstrative presence

Recently, Fashionoffice presented three fragrances for men. Now, three fragrance for women follow. Even these ones - despite they are all fruity-floral and in a way very similar, suit women differently.

The stylish and lighthearted it-girl: The fruity-floral scent 'Blossom' by Jimmy Choo is described as scent for young girls and party occasions. Perhaps there is no limitation by age and occasion but rather by own preferences and imagination. 'Blossom' is really a happy scent which evokes immediately the desire for berry sorbet on lime with crispy-chocolate garnish. The red berry, citrus, rose, sweet pea, sandalwood, white musk fragrance is composed for girls who have the dubious wish to become party-it-girls, but it's simply an appealing spring/summer scent. Tip by Fashionoffice: use it after the shower and start your day with this bombastic sunny fruity-floral fragrance. It fits many occasions (also sports or the gym) and can be worn the whole day through. The global release of 'Blossom' by Jimmy Choo started in February; in March in Austria.

The dangerously seductive femme fatale: Agent Provocateur's 'Fatale Pink' is in one word summarized: adult; the oriental-floral composition is similar to Jimmy Choo's 'Blossom', only more mature. It's not a heavy scent like the Agent Provocateur boudoir fashion style could make assume; the fragrance has an interesting lightness despite it's a seductive and sexy scent. 'Fatale Pink' was launched already last year and will be available in Austria from April/May 2015. Top notes: tangerine, pear blossom, yuzu whipped cream. Heart: datura, camellia, lotus. Base: bamboo, musk, black saffron. (Photo: (C) Antfarm Photography)

The cool woman who prefers undemonstrative presence: Liu Jo is the first fragrance by the Italian fashion label and was launched last year. The oriental-floral-fruity scent could be a sister of the two mentioned above; only that it is more mature than the two and more reserved. In Austria, the composition of berry, lychee, jasmine, patchouli, sandal wood, musk, etc will be available from March 2015.

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