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Preview men's fragrances spring, 5 February 2015

3 fragrances for 3 different kind of men: the glam-party guy, the elegant philanthropist, the urbanist who loves nature

Every time has its own favorite men's roles; three of them are represented as olfactory essences on this page.

The glam party guy: Jimmy Choo filled the 'shades of grey'-colored flask styled flacon with a lavender-fruity (mandarin, pineapple)-patchouli scent mixture which was composed to fit the label's signature shoe pieces such as smoking-slippers or croco-sneakers. The imagination of Jimmy Choo is the 1960s playboy; perhaps it's better to wear in our days such a role as fast changeable sticker for some certain hours only; therefore the Jimmy Choo scent fits. The fragrance was launched already last year and is available in Austria since this month.

The elegant philanthropist: Lanvin's 'Éclat D'Arpège Pour Homme' arrived on the markets globally this month in February 2015. The woody (sandalwood, cedar, ambrofix)-musk-bergamot-lime composition evokes the impressions of freedom, open-mindedness and can be described as 'understated'. Lanvin's 'Éclat D'Arpège Pour Homme' is an elegant couture product for men and suitable for many occasion.

The urbanist who loves nature: The new dunhill 'Icon' is a surprise. Imagine fresh notes (bergamot, lavender) on a warm background (oud, leather), both covered with a layer of moss and spiced with pepper. The comfortable scent is the ideal companion for 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year; it's packed in a bottle which references British motorsports, mechanics, craftsmanship and pays homage to label founder Alfred Dunhill who was a pioneer in fashion and lifestyle products inspired by mobility in cities. dunhill 'Icon' by perfumer Carlos Benaim in collaboration with dunhill's creative director John Ray will be released globally in March 2015. (Photo dunhill: (C) Antfarm Photography)

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