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Beauty products and music concerts for clean water

Each year in April, various events and strategies are presented by fashion and beauty companies to preserve the earth - and there are still many regions which need help. The hair salon and beauty label Aveda for example organizes events for raising awareness for earth projects - this year especially for clean water in India, and offers charity-products - from the lavender-candel 'Light the Way' to the re-useable 'Earth Month'-water bottle (picture below).

Since 1999, Aveda creates campaigns for environmental projects. In Earth Month 2012, Aveda collects with special products money in over 30 countries under the motto 'kids need clean water' for the organization 'Viva con Agua' to provide clean water; this year in selected areas in India (Bundelkhand, Bihar and Jharkhand).

Viva con Agua was founded 2006 by football player Benjamin Adrion (FC St. Pauli) and has more than 3.000 active supporters. The initiative builds infrastructure like drinking water fountains, sanitary basics like toilettes or hand wash basins. The money of the Earth Month 2012 campaign by Aveda will be invested into projects that enhance the health and support the agricultural efforts of people in the selected regions in India.

Video: 'Diamonds' by Y'akoto (released on 16 March 2012) from the upcoming album 'BabyBlues' (out on 23 March, more on

Additionally, Aveda invites to the beneficial 6 kilometer 'Walk For Water' in cities like New York, London, Sydney or Singapore. The 6 kilometers stand symbolic for the distance women have to go for clean water every day in some countries.

In Germany, the Walk For Water events will close with concerts: in Hamburg on 22 April with the live performance by Y'akoto (the musician lives in Africa, Germany, France); and in Munich on 29 April, the female duo BOY will provide the music on occasion of Earth Month 2012. BOY consists of Hamburg/Zürich based Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass; don't miss their website that opens with the video 'Little Numbers' and the free download of the track 'This is The Beginning' on

fig.: In Earth Month 2011, Aveda und Viva con Agua collected money for clean water projects in Cambodia. The re-usable water bottle with the writing 'kids need clean water' is from the Earth Month 2012-campaign by Aveda.

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