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28 September 2017

Vienna Insight: Perfumery Nägele & Strubell invited Oliver Valverde for the presentation of his perfume range

Nägele & Strubell and its associated store Le Parfum inclusively the online shop belong to Vienna's luxury destinations when it comes to beauty care products and perfumes. Yesterday, the stores' trendscout Nicole Schafroth invited to the press conference concerning the latest selection of perfumes. Oliver & Co represents according to Nicole Schafroth currently the newest trend in perfumery. It's the revolutionary concept of breaking rules of classical, traditional perfumery such as the scent pyramid by focusing on molecules for the creation of surprisingly new compositions which make perfume labels like Oliver & Co or Nasomatto extraordinary trendy, explained Nicole Schafroth.

Oliver & Co started 2009 and received this year with 'Ambergreen' the Duftstar award by the German Fragrance Foundation, At yesterday's presentation of Oliver & Co, the founder and nose of the label Oliver Valverde spoke about his beginnings as perfumer. Oliver Valverde studied music engineering and change his profession with the rising interest in capturing special moments, moods with olfactory compositions; even the impression of space is reworked as scents (Nebula 1 - Orion; Nebula 2 - Carina) by the young perfumer.

One scent of the range attracted the guests of the press conference the most: it was 'Resina' from the 'Illustrated Series'. It's a warm scent with fresh notes like ginger. Asked after the best seller of the range, Oliver Valverde confirmed the perfume instinct of the Austrian journalists' noses: Resina is the eau de parfum which matches the taste of most consumers. Spanish artist Pablo Pérez San Martín created the illustrations of the packaging and the card inside the box. In the case of 'Retsina', Pablo Pérez San Martín depicted the ingredients in a chemistry laboratory with resin running from the test tube rack which is surrounded by nature products like a fir cone, star anise or jasmine. Oliver Valverde explained that the illustrations are portraits of the most important notes of the perfumes without the obligation that all ingredients are represented visually.

In November, Oliver & Co will open its first own store in Madrid (store locator).

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