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21 August 2017

Fashionoffice fragrance tip:
sunny fresh 'Californian Poppy' by Atkinsons

The new eau de toilette 'Californian Poppy' by Atkinsons is a good choice for starting the day after the home spa morning routine! The scent's character can be described as full of optimism and zest for life.

When the body is scrubbed (preferably with a salt scrub such as the 'Salt Scrub Lemon Grass' by Tromborg), moistured (with a light texture like the body milk 'Lait Corporel' with citrus essences by Biotherm), the hair is washed (with a coconut oil shampoo such as Kiehl's 'Amino Acid Shampoo'), and all the other cleansing and care routines are finished, the new eau de toilette 'Californian Poppy' fits like a solar crown.

The light composition of lemon, pepper, poppy, jasmine, orange flowers, incense, cedarwood,...(ingredients) by perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin can be spread generously at the body. Over the day, 'Californian Poppy' evokes discreetly with its field flower, wood notes impressions of sunny wild nature.

(Launched in Austria in May 2017, seen at

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