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30 May 2016

'Warm Cotton' by Clean is the cleanest scent ever arrived at Fashionoffice

...and Fashionoffice celebrates this year its 20th anniversary. (The magazine was founded on the domain in 1996 and was extended later by channels like Beautyme.)

The first associations when spraying the eau de parfum 'Warm Cotton' on the skin are cleansers! Perhaps floor cleansers or clothing cleansers - whatever cleanses! Used in the morning after the shower, the 'Warm Cotton' perfume's first notes (citrus, verbena) let you say goodbye to tiredness and the garbage of the previous day, and hello to life which shines for seconds in a new light - waiting like an unpainted canvas. The clean wave is followed by a breeze which comes absolutely unexpected: it's soft, warm and covers the body gently; this second scene of the perfume dramaturgy is so different to the opener that it makes wonder if the fruity, orange flower notes come from the same turquoise (green-blue) bottle. The almost shocking wave (depends on the tiredness) and gentle breeze are carried calmly vibrating on the base notes (fougere, amber, musk) for several hours.

The eau de parfum 'Warm Cotton' can be layered (fragrance pairing tool on the Clean website). In Germany and Austria, the perfume will be available from July 2016 at exclusive beauty retailers and on

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