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10 May 2015

Artist Sophie Matisse's designs for three
perfumes by Kilian Hennessy

In early May, Kilian Hennessy launched three of his top-selling 'Kilian' perfumes in colorful flacons which are designed by artist Sophie Matisse who interpreted the compositions of the fragrances 'Good Girl Gone Bad', 'Straight to Heaven' and 'Bamboo Harmony'.

The great-granddaughter of French painter Henri Matisse is known for reinterpreting classical artworks such as Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. In her series 'Back in 5 Minutes' she reworked the famous painting without Mona Lisa - such as Mona Lisa just left Leonardo's studio for 5 minutes. Kilian Hennessy, grandson of the founder of the LVMH group, founded his perfume label in 2007 and collaborated already in 2008 with Sophie Matisse for a numbered 50-bottles edition with unique and signed hand-paintings. In 2015, Kilian Hennessy reformulated together with perfumers two of his scents ('Good Girl Gone Bad' for women, 'Straight to Heaven' for men), added a third for a summer fresh edition and joined again forces with the artist for the visual interpretation. Sophie Matisse applied butterfly-like floral wings, water waves and sparkling drops in fresh colors to the signature Kilian flacon.

fig. from left: The original 'Good Girl Gone Bad' is part of the Kilian collection 'In the Garden of Good and Evil' (launched in 2012) which is inspired by the original sin. For the 'Kilian X Sophie Matisse Art Edition', perfumer Alberto Morillas reinterpreted the original composition with fresher floral notes. The men's fragrance 'Straight to Heaven' is from the 'L'Oeuvre Noire' collection (2007) which tells stories about love, heaven, liaisons dangereuses, etc. The lighter, fresher version of 'Straight to Heaven' by perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur is visually depicted with a green and blue bottle design. 'Bamboo Harmony' of the 'Asian Tales' collection is available in the original composition by perfumer Calice Becker and interpreted by Sophie Matisse with a colorful splash - just like bubbling water drops, which fits well to the bright, watery, airy scent. The Kilian X Sophie Matisse Art Edition is available in Kilian stores in New York, Paris, Moscow..., selected perfumeries worldwide and online on

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