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Vienna Insight
by Karin Sawetz, publisher Fashionoffice
(31 October 2013)

Presentation of new perfumes at Hotel Sans Souci in Vienna

Yesterday on 30 October 2013, I followed an invitation to the presentation of new perfumes at Hotel Sans Souci in Vienna.

Not all of my favorite scents are on view on this page; and one of them doesn't fit to my style at all - but the flacon really looks great. Let's start with the favorite one (picture on the top); Kilian's 'Playing with the Devil' is sweet like a fruit and powdery, almost steamy (interview with Kilian Hennessy about the perfume on Elle).

The second scent I would wear is the eau de cologne by Atkinsons called '24 Old Bond Street' (the image right shows parts of the decoration with an image of the founder of the brand, since 1799). The unisex fragrance references the heritage of Atkinsons; it is fresh and warm at the same time and creates a very comfortable mood.

What I don't like is 'The Scent of Peace for Her' by Bond no.9 - well, other journalists spoke enthusiastically about the perfume which is packed into pink Swarovski crystals. 'Scent of Peace for Her' is very female and awakens memories of ladies with too much hair spray - and it smells like 70ies hair spray. But Bond no.9 has another new fragrance (not on view on this page) which I personally like: the unisex perfume 'New York Patchouli' (launch in November) is a great piece of perfumery.

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