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fall/winter 2010/11

beauty by Vivienne Westwood, Clinique
fashion by Vera Wang, Aubade,
jewellery by A.E. Köchert

Classical & naughty

By the end of the year, the cocktail and ball season is again a theme in fashion. Fashionoffice collected some pieces that are developed from a classical style but modified with an artful touch.

Like the wild tulip draperies on the dress, the handmade beadings on a fair trade clutch, a stone arrangement that looks like naturally grown on a ring, lip balms in the form of wax crayons, a modern brief inspired by a 19th century French painter's view on Orientalism, and an olfactoric potion 'naughty' by a designer who is known for her cheeky fashion.


Eau de Parfum 'Naughty Alice' by Vivienne Westwood, illustrated by Maly Siri, released in autumn 2010. Vivienne Westwood's 'Naughty Alice' expresses the British designer's sexy, provocative and fresh style as a perfume with a sensual floral olfactoric bouquet with spicy facets. The flacon is designed to remember a bottle which contains a magical potion. The bracelet with heart pendant gives the hint what for: it looks like a love potion!

Flowerish draped silk cocktail dress in 'oxblood' by Vera Wang, seen at the Viennese shop in FW2010/11.

Creamy moisturizing 'Chubby Stick' lip balms in the colors 'Mega Melon', 'Wopping Watermelon', 'Super Strawberry' in the form of wax crayons by Clinique, come into shops in January 2011. Photo: (C) Richard Pierce. All Rights Reserved.

Saint Tropez brief from the 'Beauté d'Ingres' line with floral pattern and bow in front by Aubade, FW2010/11. Photo: (C) Aubade. The line is inspired by the 19th century French painter Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, who has brought his vision of the Oriental world to canvas.

Handmade fair trade beaded clutch bag, seen at in FW2010/11.

Colorful, flowerish ring made of quartz, tourmaline, citrine by the Salzburg and Vienna based jeweler A.E. Köchert, seen in FW2010/11. A.E. Köchert was founded in 1814 during the Vienna Congress and became in the 19th century the official jeweler of the Austrian royal family Habsburg-Lothringen. Today - nearly 200 years later, A.E. Köchert is one of Austria's most important creators of high-jewellery. A.E. Köchert is known for interpreting the classical elegant style with a modern, artful touch.

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