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10 anti-ageing tipps by Dr. Sibylle Wichlas, Dr. Andreas Nather, Dr. Johannes Seidel for body and face

Forever Young You begin to age when you are around 23-25 years old. With 30 it is high time to care for staying young. The experts of Woman & Health have now developed a program of 10 steps against ageing: 1. Botox against that the first wrinkles become deeper 2. Hyaluron acid increases the production of collagen - this tightens the skin. 3. Chemical peelings help your skin to renew. 4. Photo-Rejuvenation smoothes your skin and acts against irregularities such as pigmentation and couperose. 5. Creams with vitamin A acid and hormones strengthen the connective tissue. 6. Hormones purifiy your skin and strengthen the bones 7. Sport 8. Nutrition 9. TCM - traditional Chinese therapies 10. Lifestyle such as no smoking, sun protection, preventing stress, ... more beautyme >>>