Uschi Hartlieb: Beauty Tipps

The Pur Luxe Firm Body Contour is my personal favourite which I am addicted to since I tried recently. It really feels like cashmere on your skin and the shimmering pearls give your body a magic radiance. The ultimate accessory on summerly tanned skin.

And a little secret – I have to tell you: The Firm Body Contour has a plant extract from a sacred African tree – which the Lebou tribe of the Cape Verde islands know for ages: Kigeliné. The young girls use it for getting a perfect bust. In combination with Pam Extract and Caffeine this body cream has an contouring effect all over the body.

I really think you do not need many things – when you choose two or three of the best! That’s luxury pur. Indulge a cosy bath with candles, your favourite fragrance and music you love – and seduce yourself with a perfect body treatment. Make your “home spa” a five star luxury experience. Your perfumery will be delighted helping you to find what you deserve.
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