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29 June 2017

adidas Digital Sports 'All Day' fitness, health app bases on scientific research and is curated by professionals

Yesterday, adidas Digital Sports released the new fitness app 'All Day' with content contributors like wellness chef Candice Kumai for 'Simple Clean Eating' recipes or yoga instructor and runner Adriene Mishler for 'Yoga for Running' exercises via iOS and Android devices in US. It's planned to release the app in fall in other markets. At, the app can be downloaded or - in other markets like Austria - pre-ordered.

fig. from left: Homescreen of the adidas Digital Sports 'All Day' app with inspiring content by curators like chef Candice Kumai or yoga instructor and runner Adriene Mishler.

For the app, adidas uses the knowledge of partners from sport, data and behaviour science: The sports medicine and exercise science organization 'American College of Sports Medicine' (ACSM), brings sport science research and insights; human performance company EXOS is a specialist for practices that support health and strengthen the individual potential of athletes of all levels; and Verily (belongs to Alphabet Inc.) is the advisory supporter for data-driven understanding of what encourages healthy behaviors.

On these foundations, the 'Discoveries' like yoga, recipes,... of the All Day app are built on four pillars: movement, nutrition, rest or recharging, and mindset.

Two of the currently 13 Discoveries are 'Yoga for Running' with 5-minutes yoga sessions with focus on a better running performance by yoga instructor and runner Adriene Mishler and 'Simple Clean Eating' with recipes by wellness chef Candice Kumai. Other Discoveries concern music for better sleep experience - 'Sleep Sounds Drift with DJ Nina Las Vegas' or the body weight workouts 'Get Fit Anywhere: Celebrity trainer Stephen Cheuk'. It's announced that the number of Discoveries will grow with time.

The app tracks calories, active minutes, steps, distance and is equipped with self-log options for workouts like yoga.

Stacey Burr, VP and General Manager – adidas Digital Sports said "... The biggest learning the app delivers on is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to fitness. It's about discovering what works for you, so you can be your best."

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