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Vienna Inside by
publisher Karin Sawetz
Karin Sawetz is journalist, media researcher and fashion scientist (Mag. Dr. phil.).

Eyes wide open!

Nude bathing in summer is a theme in Vienna. The city has a long tradition in 'Nudity Culture', which has nothing to do with showing sexuality but with experiencing nature and its healing effects. Already in 1900, the naturopath Florian Berndl has advised to bath naked at the Gänsehäufel in Vienna.

Today, it is not easy to keep the swimwear on. This is no joke. If you get into a zone in nature baths where everybody is like 'God created', it is considered as impoliteness to wear clothes. And on Vienna's favorite swim island Donauinsel (21,1km x max. 200m) the zones alternate!

A possible argument to keep the swimwear on: "My bikini was too expensive to take it off!"

This argument makes no friends; but it even changes anything for someone who wears clothes in a group of Viennese swimming nudes.

Keep your eyes wide open to swim in the right zone!

fig.: beginning with the...

70s styled 'Risa Bikini' in jeans look by Agent Provocateur, 2010.

Sunglasses in 60s pop-style with grid pattern in pink/brown with black arms by Emporio Armani, 2010.

Wedge sandal with breathable sole by Geox, SS2010.

All About Eyes Serum with cooling effect by Clinique, launch in April 2010. The idea is to massage with the roll-on the skin around the eye. This enhances the circulation of the skin and diminishes puffiness and rings under the eyes.

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