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fig.: Water-waves alike curves around the head made of a ponytail, created by the Aveda team for the presentation of Kimberly Ovitz FW2013/14 on 7 Februay 2013 during New York Fashion Week; photo from AvedaCorp's photostream.

Hair dressing and the observation of nature

Antoinette Beenders, Aveda Global Creative Director, describes her inspiration for the hair styling for the runway presentation of the new Kimberly Ovitz FW2013/14 collection as a mix of the armor of a knight and the protecting skin of an armadillo which she interpreted with water waves alike curves in futuristic style.

The first impression of the ponytail drapery around the head reminds Italian Renaissance hairstyle from the 15th century, a period known for geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci. At that time, the interest in nature marked the beginning of modern natural sciences which are derived from observation.

Observation was also the approach of Kimberly Ovitz (grew up in California, founded her label in 2009, based in New York) to her new FW2013/14 womenswear. The designer's mood board shows insects, an armadillo, and colorful animal skins from cold-blooded animals like snakes or frogs. Additionally to the nature inspired clothing items, Kimberly Ovitz presented Shapeways 3D printed jewellery pieces which look like references to the organic world such as on view on

The Kimberly Ovitz collection FW2013/14 received already attention by WWD and Anna Wintour who attended the show during New York Fashion Week.

Video: Antoinette Beenders, Aveda Global Creative Director, introduces into the making-of the future-organic ponytail curves.

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