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The 'Code' of seduction

In early November 2012, Giorgio Armani will release the new eau de parfum 'Armani Code' which is developed on the idea of the mystery of seduction and the magic of attraction. 'Armani Code' makes think with its black-in-black flacon with embroideries alike Swarovski crystal flowers on satin surface of the visual interpretation of erotic literature such as 'Les Fleurs du Mal'. Giorgio Armani gives some hints about the code of seduction and defines it as the interplay of eye contact, body signals, light reflections on naked skin, and intoxicating scent.

But Giorgio Armani leaves us back with the greatest mystery which lies in the name of the fragrance. According to the description of 'Armani Code', the four letters 'Code' carry a secret. Is 'Code' referencing the ingredients of the scent? 'C' for the citrus notes and 'O' for orange blossoms in the opening would fit. But for 'D' and 'E' there are no equivalents in the olfactory architecture: there is jasmine in the heart and in the base vanilla-honey!

fig.: The flacon for 'Armani Code' is inspired by Giorgio Armani's own collections and the imagination of a woman who wears an evening jacket which unveils for a moment the line of her shoulder before it is covered again by black flower-embroideries. The eau de parfum 'Armani Code' is a collector piece and comes as limited 'Christmas Collector Version' into shops in November 2012.

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