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BEAUTY INSIGHT by publisher Karin Sawetz

July 2011
Karin Sawetz is journalist, media researcher and fashion scientist (Mag. Dr. phil.).

The preference for a scent depends on many things like personal memories or simply the weather so that everyone will experience a fragrance individually. Additionally, the olfactory compositions smell on every person's skin slightly different, caused by the body's constitution like hormones. Consequently, this article gives more an insight into my personal experience of two perfumes than it can be taken as an objective advice that is valid for everybody.

About testing perfumes

I receive a lot of perfumes; this belongs to the business of a fashion and beauty journalist such as a medic receives new medicine from the pharma industry to test it. Only, beauty journalists have a less dangerous job.

For my last test of several fragrances I had to stop for a while with my current favorite perfume 'Sweet Redemption' by Kilian. Since I have received the orange blossom, vanilla, myrrh, benzoin, incense 'Sweet Redemption' composition, I carried the fresh sour and honey sweet, energizing and calming scent always and everywhere.

fig.: Black travel spray with 3-dimensional surface made of antique meander, lily alike symbols... in a circle for the 'Sweet Redemption' fragrance by Kilian, July 2011.

fig.: The closure of the 'Stella' perfume by Tocca shows a bird, a dragonfly and leaves; July 2011.

The Eau de Parfum 'Stella' by Tocca is made of ingredients which are targeting my olfactory nerves in a similar way like 'Sweet Redemption' by Kilian. 'Stella' opens with blood orange. But the scent changes in around 5 minutes and sandalwood calms the exhilarating atmosphere promptly - unbelievable, never before experienced such a harsh dramaturgy! Then the story continues with floral scents and musk, which embed the thrilled senses into a cosy, fresh cotton ball feeling for the next hours.

But you have to test the perfumes for your own.

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