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The Gentleman's Collection

fall 2009

What are man's and woman's roles in the history of scents?

In September 2009, Estée Lauder releases the Aramis men's fragrance collection with the eight most beloved scents from the years 1974 to 2006. Since 1964, Aramis is a division of The Estée Lauder Companies. The brand has pioneered the prestige men’s market. It was the first-ever men’s scent to be sold in department stores.

Old and new scents from more than 30 years

The Gentleman's Collection gives an insight into the changing image of men in our society. In times of retro and vintage, the fragrances from former days are 'in fashion' again.

"I love the concept of discovering something old that is new again. The Gentleman’s Collection is like a wardrobe of fragrances, each one for a different day…a different mood." Leonard Lauder

Men's and women's roles

You will see that men are described mostly as adventurous 'runaways' from the 70ies on that become 'sensuous' in the mid 90ies. Women play in more than 30 years of fragrance history for two times explicitly an important role in the olfactory world of men: 1981 it is the creative power of a female and in 2006 it is the independence of women that becomes a theme.

  • The first scent 'Aramis 900' of this collection was launched in 1974 'for the man who loves the thrill of the unexpected' with exotic and surprisingly mix of woods, herbals and flowersThe first scent of this collection, 'Aramis 900' was launched in 1974 'for the man who loves the thrill of the unexpected' with an exotic and surprisingly mix of woods, herbals and flowers (image on this page).
  • In 1977, 'Devin' was the scent for 'the man who enjoys a weekend at the countryside' with aristocratic and relaxed flair of green, fresh notes.
  • In 1981, a man inspired a woman for a fragrance: Mrs. Estée Lauder created for her husband Joseph H. Lauder the third scent of the collection named with his initials 'J·H·L'. The impact of the fragrance with citrus, spice and amber is described that it makes 'any man feel distinguished; as a scent of unique quality'.
  • In 1984, the Italian region Tuscany is the olfactory and stylish inspiration source for 'Tuscany Per Uomo'. The man is described as venturous, passionate. Lavender and citrus express the Mediterranean life.
  • In 1988, 'New West for Him' conquers the ocean and focuses on the adventurous and confident, open, free-spirited attitude of the American West. The scent includes the travel over the ocean with fresh top notes; the base notes evoke misty mountains, desert winds and sandy beaches.
  • In 1994, another geographical region - this time South America - inspired the fragrance 'Havana'. It 'takes men to a place that simmers with heat and sensuality'. The man in the mid 80ies is 'passionate and sensuous'.
  • In 2003, man becomes again adventurous but enriched with explicit mentioned masculinity while he is at the same time sensual. This new man is captured by 'Aramis Life'.
  • In 2006 the last Aramis fragrance was launched by now. 'Aramis Always for Him' is made for a man who 'seduces the senses'. For the first time, the counterpart begins to play a relevant role. In all the years before it seems as if men are playing their game like 'divas' who think to get love without any effort. 'Always for Him' is 'created to leave a lasting impression, the fragrance attracts her attention and pulls her closer'. This fragrance includes for the first time the active role of a woman who decides her future by herself: " A signature scent ... that she can remember him by."

    If you have any preferences for one of the fragrances from above, the Gentleman’s Collection Eau de Toilettes are sold individually so a woman or man can select one, or several.

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