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Lancôme's makeup for the Vienna Opera Ball

On 27 February 2014, the annual Vienna Opera Ball will be held. The event is not non-controversial - not for political reasons but for its extravagance. For political embarrassments, Vienna has another ball which dominated the headlines negatively last week as it caused quarrels between almost all parties - it caused rumor and disputes even inside the political parties. Afterwards, the Viennese searched for the guilty ones and selected the police president; he was easily available. The Viennese say in such cases 'Ana hot imma des Bummerl' (means to have bad cards in a game - or 'life is not fair'). So far the latest result from the impact of a ball that (almost) nobody wanted.

The Vienna Opera Ball is far away from this negative explosive political power. It stands for the glitter glam of the society crowd. Being that little luxurious is not dangerous!

Fashionoffice received from Lancôme closer information about this year's elegant face style with natural radiance for the Vienna Opera Ball. The look was created for the débutantes of the ball at the State Opera on 27 February 2014 in Vienna.

  • foundation - 'Miracle Air de Teint'
  • cheeks - blush 'Subtil 02', color 'Rose Sable'
  • eye shadow - 'Hypnôse Star Eyes', 'Brun Adoré'
  • mascara - 'Hypnôse', 'Noir'
  • lips - 'Rouge in Love', color 'Rose de Soupirants'

fig.: Débutante Cecilia Leitinger, makeup by Lancôme and crown by Swarovski for the Vienna Opera Ball 2014. Photo provided by Lancôme at the end of January 2014, (C) Lois Lammerhuber.

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