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Cosmetics and fashion in Central European Alps style

In 2012, cosmetics and fashion labels present for the Central European Alps two weeks event 'Oktoberfest' (October Festival) various styles - from classical to burlesque-punk, such as the one on this page.

Originally, the Oktoberfest (a beer party) happens in Munich where people from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, South Tyrol have fun on the 'Wiesn' - a greenfield. The original Oktoberfest in Munich counts to the largest public parties worldwide. Even many other cities celebrate the Alpine beer festival such as Vienna; although the city lies closer to the flat and wide 'Puszta' (Hungarian Steppe) than to the high mountains of the Alps.

fig.: Fashionoffice found the pieces at Bipa (on- and offline stores) and Zalando (exclusively online) in August 2012. Bipa (belongs to the REWE Group) and Zalando are two prominent beauty and fashion retailers in the region of the Central European Alps.

above: Burlesque-punk look by Bipa for the October Festival Season 2012, limited 'Wiesn'-edition. The collection which consists of eye shadow (as blue duo or pink duo), lipgloss (in rosy or red), volume mascara is presented with burlesque-punk styled face and hair style: garlands of hearts are painted over the cheeks and the eyes, and the horns of a steinbock or a goat decorate the strawberry-pink colored hair. The 'Wiesn'-look comes into stores in September 2012. Photo: (C) Bipa.

below: Gold keychain with petrol colored heart by Michael Kors and red-green dress in tracht-style (tracht is the traditional dress of the Central European Alps) by Mein Herzblut. The corsage is made of red/white/green fabric which shows apple alike fruits in heart form. Seen at the premium line at Zalando.

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